Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tool 2

1.  Commented on  Garza's post.
2.  The Educator's PLN site was quite enlightening and is a significant resource educators could use to get ideas or just read positive experiences taking place in the lives of their colleagues.  Although I enjoyed reading the stories of other educators, personally I would not frequent the site. Especially for those new to the field of education Educator's PLN could be a useful web resource.  Educator's PLN site layout contained an extremely large amount of data and I think the information could be organized better. Educator's use PLN daily and I feel that that it is vitial for us to use these resources.  How ever, all PLN's are not created equal and we should  search for PLN's individually.  I especially enjoyed the Fischbowl PLN.

b.  I love using the net for fun and educationally but I am always concerned about privacy and misuse (intentionally & unintentionally) of information.  I love lesson design and collecting data from different sources on the web but I am always hesitant about blogging. 

3.  Today I created an account with Diggo.  Diggo offers online bookmarking from numerous data sources.  Online bookmarking will really be useful in both my home and at work.  There is so much information to learn when it comes to technology and this is yet another tool that I was not aware of ,but will begin to use immediately in order to organize websites that I visit most often.  

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