Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ways to Increase College Readiness at the Middle Level

The United States Department of Education was created in 1867, its purpose, to establish an effective school system.  I applaud the efforts of our predecessors but it is time for change.  We need to reform our current K-12 system; offering students more options.  Offering students more options encompasses many different areas; Academics, extra curricular, and the arts are few areas that this Action Research will focus on. 

Throughout my career I have worked with Pre-Kinder students through adults.  I see the joy and excitement that the elementary level students possess about learning.  At the middle level I see that excitement dwindle for a large number of students.  If we offer students more options and ensure that our curriculum, arts, and extra curriculars are appealing I believe we can reestablish that excitement and joy in our students.  I am exploring a topic for Action Research in the area of increasing college readiness at the middle level.  The purpose of my action research is to provide more options for students and better prepare them for higher education.  My plan is to offer ACT and SAT testing in the 7th and 8th grade.   The plan is to offer more high school classes on campus, field-trips, hands on exploration, college planning, and offer students an opportunity to take virtual classes. 

I am ecstatic about the opportunity to conduct action research in an area that I am so passionate about.  I look forward to searching for ways to improve this sector of our education system.  I welcome all suggestions and comments on this topic. Please check out my future blogs for updates.   

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