Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Action Research Plan Revisions

At this point into the research I am satisfied with the plan.  This week I reviewed the plan and attempted to predict any obstructions and then come up with a procedure to ensure the plan stays on course.  Because of the time constraints I am concerned that getting a significant amount of students signed up for the ACT and SAT may pose a problem.  I am attempting to devise a plan to get this portion of the research underway.

I am most satisfied that the Explore test data will be available for the entire eighth grade class.  This test will be given in October and has already been approved.  This data will serve as one of my most significant contributions to the plan because and entire grade level will be tested.  Data will be analyzed from the top 10% to the bottom 10% to determine how we can increase college readiness in all of our students at the middle level.       

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