Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Beatific Battles Blogs on Action Research

Action research can be defined simply as self-reflective and collaborative research that seeks to modify and improve our current educational establishments. Action research method improves our design and delivery of instruction for our most precious commodities our children. After thoroughly researching this method I was able to acquire knowledge about the uniqueness of action research or inquiry as it is often referred. The plethora of information on this topic kept me engaged and elated with new techniques that I can begin to use immediately.

On to many occasions professionals attend seminars and trainings that seem to be very data driven but as we analyze the information carefully it may not be beneficial to our organization. Action research model made me aware of the importance of taking part in data collection so that 100% of our data is meaningful. The way the findings are shared amongst colleagues and the phenomenal opportunity to self-analyze is vital and key in the action research model. After carefully analyzing my own organizations campus improvement plan (CIP).

I am certain that the action research model can be used to come up with at least one innovative method to prepare our middle level students for college. Phase one of the plan to increase college-readiness involves offering virtual classes and a variety of college entrance test to any interested student on campus. Phase two and beyond will educate students and parents about financing higher education, entrance requirements, and current job market trends.

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